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Queer and/or Non-Monogamous Psychotherapy, Groups, and Retreats online and in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

For those who are: 

LGBTQIA+, and/or Non-Monogamous and/or Neurodivergent


“Community care is important for queer liberation because we all need a safe container within which to heal, expand, and grow; a space where all of us is welcomed, seen, and celebrated. Then our defenses may be able to melt and our light may shine with passion, joy, and courage, so that we may bring the gift of our authentic selves to our communities.” - Ayyur Sutherland

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Paradise Wellness Psychotherapy is based in Puerto Escondido Mexico and is founded and led by Sarah Wolfer and Lo Larios.


Sarah (she/her) is a licensed clinical psychotherapist with 12 years of experience with specialized training and lived experience around LGBTQIA+ challenges, non-monogamy, and neurodivergence. Lo (he/they) is a queer Mexican in charge of everything related to operations and making the magic happen here at Paradise Wellness.

Our life’s work is to provide safe and supportive spaces for queer, non-monogamous, and neurodivergent humans to explore their inner worlds and find the healing they need to live a fulfilling life. Paradise Wellness is dedicated to realizing this mission by providing individual, couple, and polycule therapy retreats for LGBTIA+ and non-monogamous humans.

Sarah Wolfer


Paradise Wellness Co-Founder and Psychotherapist


“The queer experience is unique, and our traumas, ways of being, and ways of supporting each other are often little understood by those outside the community. We are the best equipped to care for one another.” - Dijnn Thompson

Hello and welcome!

My name is Sarah Wolfer, and I am a clinical psychotherapist and relationship coach that’s worked across the United States in a variety of settings over the last 12 years and I’m excited to now practice here in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


I am trained and certified in psychedelic-assisted therapy, sex positive (including polyam/kink, and sex work), LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity affirming, and disability advocating. I primarily work with queer folx, couples+, and non-monogamous humans.


I firmly believe in creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful space for every person and enjoy working with those who live outside of social norms. I will not judge you, for any reason, and will hold you in unconditional positive regard. No subject is taboo.


I work from a social justice integrated approach based in feminist theory, mindfulness, parts work, somatic therapy, transpersonal psychology, psychedelic-assisted therapy (certified through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute) the Gottman method for couples (Level 1 and 2 trained), and cognitive behavioral therapy. I use these approaches to work with my clients through a holistic health lens that emphasizes the inseparable connection between the mind and body. My goals include helping to empower my clients by aiding in the understanding of one's behavioral patterns and how our thoughts and feelings can drastically impact our behavior. 


You can read more about me, my services, and who I work with on the "About Me" page.

Lo Larios


Paradise Wellness Co-Founder and Operations Magician

Lo 1.heic

"Our mental health is inseparable from our identities. Embrace your true self, for authenticity is the cornerstone of well-being." - Laverne Cox

Hola y bienvenidos!


I'm Lo Larios, co-founder of Paradise Wellness Psychotherapy. My professional journey has taken me through diverse roles in operations, media, and business management across the United States, Mexico, and China. Beyond my professional endeavors, I identify as queer and non-monogamous, fostering a deep passion for assisting others in these communities on their unique paths toward healing.


Having personally experienced the transformative power of therapy, I'm thrilled to contribute to making this process as seamless as possible for each client at Paradise Wellness. My commitment is rooted in creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful space where everyone can embark on their healing journey without judgment.


At Paradise Wellness, I firmly believe in embracing individuals who live outside of societal norms. No matter your background or lifestyle, I am here to hold you in unconditional positive regard. Every subject is open for discussion, as I strive to eliminate taboos and create an atmosphere of acceptance.


My overarching goal is to facilitate deep and lasting healing for all our clients. I am dedicated to handling every detail of your stay in paradise so that you can focus solely on your well-being. Trust me to navigate the logistics, allowing you the freedom to immerse yourself fully in the transformative journey that awaits you at Paradise Wellness. Together, let's cultivate a space where healing thrives, and every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.


Here at Paradise Wellness, we provide private and group therapy retreats in paradise to help you achieve your therapeutic goals for you and/or your important relationships.

We currently provide private 4 day, 3 night therapy retreats for queer and/or non-monogamous individuals, partner(s), and polycules here in Puerto Escondido Mexico. 


We also have several upcoming queer focused group therapy retreat experiences for you to consider. In these group retreats, we will provide you with fundamental tools to help you build a stronger relationship with yourself, heal from trauma, and understand you and your important relationships better.

Couple Showing Affection

In the future, we plan to provide transformational psychedelic facilitation in a safe, nurturing space. I am a fully-trained psychedelic-assisted therapy provider and I have also done my own deep work with psychedelic medicines that have prepared me to help you along your own healing journey. My services will focus on deep healing work, mindfulness, empowerment, spirituality, and transformation through individual, partner(s), and small group psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions and wellness retreats in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Psychedelic Therapy anticipated to begin in 2025. Group Wellness retreats anticipated to start in 2025.

Queer therapy at my practice empowers and nurtures the diverse ways of being that LGBTQIA+people embody by providing counseling, education and community programs that uplift queer, trans and gender expansive lives. All services at Paradise Wellness are queer informed and affirming with an emphasis on queer resilience and vitality and creating safe spaces for queer folx to live their most authentic lives. 

I am virtual only for now.

If your main concerns and struggles are within the context of your romantic and/or sexual relationship(s), partner(s) work may be the best fit. Working with you and your partner(s) together allows us to focus on everyone's needs in the relationship. This is a great way to improve communication and strengthen your relationship, in order to work towards a deep and meaningful connection with each other. 

I am virtual only for now.

As a member of this community, I am keenly aware of the many difficulties that can surround living openly as a non-monogamous human. I am here to help you navigate all of the unique challenges and opportunities that can come up for you as a human who is curious about or already engaged in non-monogamous relationship structures. I honor all identities including everything that falls under the consensual non-monogamy umbrella, as well as kink and queer identities that may or may not overlap.


I am virtual only for now.

Want to work with me but don’t live in Puerto Escondido Mexico? This is where my virtual coaching services come in handy. As long as we can find a session time that works for us both, then I am happy to work with you. Coaching is best suited to people who are stable and have a baseline of wellness, but are looking for growth or deeper healing in their lives.

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